Don’t Eat That



Travel is an adventure! Many of us live for strange sights and exotic tastes… but some native delicacies are best avoided. Consider “Mice Wine”. Sounds adorable, right? How about a simple salad?

The World Health Organization advises against green-leafed vegetables since they can contain dangerous microorganisms that won’t necessarily wash off with water. And in places where the water is of questionable quality, washing can actually compound the problem.

This Chinese and Korean “health tonic” is basically rice wine with a mice infusion. Baby mice are placed (alive) into bottles of rice wine and allowed to ferment. You can still see their tiny pink bodies in the bottle, giving a whole new meaning to “bottoms up.” What’s more, the flavor of the wine has been compared to that of gasoline.

If you’ve a strong stomach and morbid curiosity, read on for a list of unbelievable exotic dishes.

Lesson I personally learned was unpasteurized dairy, Drinking or eating unpasteurized dairy products like ice cream or cheese is 150 time more likely  to cause you to get very sick!! Traveling to Beijing and on a very hot day indulging in a simple ice cream. After losing days of sightseeing and learning about the culture, I had my first lesson on what not to eat! Next time I saw unusually foods, I would take a second thought about enjoy the local cuisine. This in no way says you should not try new and adventurous cuisines, just be careful and think before you eat. Seafood sitting out in the sun for hours tend to question how my stomach would handle such delicacies!

Check the article on food’s that can kill you in the next blog.