After all, where he is today is as much a result of their work as it is a consequence of his talent.

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There are some people who can travel with nothing more than a small carry-on bag. Others, however, want to be able to bring more of their belongings with them when they travel, especially if they plan to be away from home for long periods of time. Fortunately for these individuals, there are a variety of extra large luggage options available. Not only are these luggage options a great choice for those who plan to pack a large amount of items, but they are also good for those who need to transport larger items and/or items that have trouble fitting into standard sized suitcases.

While there are many extra large luggage bags to choose from, certain products definitely stand out above the rest. Some of the best pieces of extra large luggage, for example, are from manufacturer Delsey Helium. Delsey Helium offers a variety of different extra large luggage bags, but each bag features the same, great lightweight fiberglass frame technology, which makes the bag easy to carry but sturdy and reliable enough to withstand even the roughest handling. Many of the bags even feature a unique “weight indicator” that lets the owner know when a bag weighs over fifty pounds and may incur extra fees at the airport. Delsey Helium bags are also roomy and feature quality double spinner wheels for maximum convenience and durability.

Like Delsey Helium, Claire Chase is a renowned manufacturer of luggage, including oversized luggage. Right now, Claire Chase has a beautiful, chic leather classic Pullman available. This suitcase comes with deluxe antique brass hardware for reliability and aesthetic value, recessed roller bearing in-line skate wheels, zippered pockets for easy and secure storage, inner cross straps, a padded inner lining, a lockable zipper, and a gorgeous leather ID tag.

Claire Chase and Delsey Helium are just two manufacturers of premium large luggage. Shoppers are encouraged to browse through the available products from these and other brands to find the perfect suitcase to meet their needs.

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