Travelpro has been creating innovative and durable quality luggage products for more than two decades. The company began in 1987 when a Northwest Airline 747 pilot simplified modern day travel by creating The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage. Since that time, Travelpro has designed everything from suitcases and garment bags to rolling duffels and totes. The company has become well known for providing stylish luggage with excellent functionality. As a matter of fact, Travelpro has been the brand that over 500,000 flight crews and frequent travelers throughout the world choose for their luggage. The company guarantees the quality of their travel products and provides a Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty.

Travelpro features a variety of collections to appeal to the needs of all travelers. The Platinum Magna collection is a groundbreaking selection of luxury eight wheel spinners and Rollaboard luggage. Each of the items are extremely durable and lightweight, offering excellent maneuverability. A highlight of this line is the 29″ Expandable Spinner Suiter Travelpro suitcase. The Maxlite 2 line is Travelpro’s lightest line of luggage which is durable enough for frequent fliers but economical for leisure travelers. The Crew 9 collection is a selection of premium luggage that has long been the choice of frequent fliers and flight crews. The 11 piece Walkabout Lite 4 collection contains value, style and practicality rolled into one package and is designed to meet any budget. The Executive Pro line is ideal for the frequent business traveler and offers a nine piece collection of lightweight briefs. The T-Pro Bold collection contains a selection of compact and portable bags that can store everything from clothing to electronics. The Walkabout Spinners 2 line presents a handsome collection including the top of the line Travelpro suitcase, the 29″ expandable spinner. Other lines include the National Geographic and Runway collections.

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