Simple As That Lifetime Guarantee
Briggs & Riley luggage in five words: Lifetime Guarantee Including Airline Damage. No kidding. Other than loss, cleaning, and cosmetic wear they cover repair of all functional aspects of the bag for life. It’s a safe guarantee for them because it’s hard to hurt a Briggs & Reilly. Local Briggs & Reilly outlets manage minor repairs. While the high quality materials used in make major damage unlikely, if it ever occurs they support two national centers to repair every Briggs & Riley suitcase. Because the repair process can take up to three weeks, DIY repair kits are also available online.
Best of 2014
As in every year a Briggs & Riley suitcase tops the list of best luggage offering for 2014. This year’s marvel is the Torq collection, a sleek polycarbonate spinner that is the first hard-side bag to come with the famous Briggs & Riley guarantee. The Torq spinner comes with a protected, inset outer pocket. Instead of the cheaper 50-50 clamshell design, the Torq has a convenient 80-20 major compartment split for quick and easy packing. Briggs & Riley offer the Torq in three colors, ruby, cobalt, and graphite. It comes in three sizes, international carry-on, medium, and large.
Premier Sets
As always, Briggs & Riley luggage comes ala carte or in matched sets. Here the traveler finds some of the most thoughtful, convenient features in any luggage line, from secondary bags that nest on the spinner handle to bags that clip on to the main suitcase. Compression systems like the industry leading Briggs & Riley CX technology increase packing space by up to 34% then compress back to the original size. No more sitting on the bag to get it closed.
Business and Secondary Bags and Cases
While they are most famous for their ultra-tough suitcases and convenient clip-ons, Briggs & Riley offers a full line of business cases, sturdy totes and duffel bags, garment and laptop bags, locks, and accessories from shoe and laundry bags to toiletry and shaving kits.