Traveling to a foreign country means relieving stress, worries, and anxiety

Traveling to a foreign country means relieving stress, worries, and anxiety. This has been the focus of our week’s discussion. Briefly, here are the topics we have covered:

  • Voyages of Discovery found a way to pay gratitude to their cruisers by giving them a higher value at the same standard fare. The cruisers just need to book early enough. The ‘Price Promise’ is a sure way to get customer loyalty and enjoy a competitive advantage in the cruise industry.
  • Reuters reported that the alleged negligence of two airlines, United Continental Holdings Inc. and AMR Corp’s American Airlines, played some role in the 9/11 attack.
  • According international travelers you should not do these common mistakes when traveling abroad: hailing a  taxi, Failing to check their passport dates, changing cash at a bank or cash exchange, finding the nearest McDonald’s, spending your days drinking with other travelers, staying and partying at your hostel, blathering on in English, relying on travel guides, keeping your eye on the camera most of the time, and expecting that the country you’re in is the same as your home.
  • British travel Blog enumerates the worst mistakes tourists do in London, such as visiting the Buckingham palace and expecting the Royal family to be in the balcony, waving “hello” to visiting tourists.
  • There are lovely airports and there are frustrating ones. While many have already praised the good ones, Bloomberg believes the frustrating major airports deserve some feedback too.
  • Although travelling is a leisure, we should never take for granted the information that would make it an extraordinary escape from our busy and often stressful lives. So, we reveal some warnings we should avoid when setting foot on a new soil.