Foreign Foods to Die for!

B ull frogGiant Bullfrog of Namibia

Eating like locals can look appetizing, but not be good for you. In Namibia the giant bullfrog looks very interesting. But they are only good to eat after mating season or the third rain of the year. If you eat it at the wrong time or eat the bullfrog organs you could suffer kidney failure or a burning and inflamed urethra!

Bitter Cassava

Bitter Cassava

How about in South America  a shrub which is said to have a great source of cyanide.If this plant is not properly soaked and dried, it can contain enough poison to kill you.As stated in wikipedia.


How about Octopus?

Like your food tortured and eaten alive? Then you’ll love wriggling octopus, the food that fights back. The small octopus’s legs are cut off while it’s still alive—and then the still-moving limbs are offered up to diners. Chew carefully, as the suction cups on the thrashing tentacles can stick to the inside of your throat. Reportedly, about six people die in South Korea every year from eating it. ouch!!



A small taste of this fish can send you to paralysis and shortly to death. But if it is prepared correctly, it is delicious.This fish comes from Japan but is now found in the United States. Make sure the chef knows what the heck he is doing!!


Ackee Fruit


This is the national fruit of Jamaica. When this fruit is unripe is is full of poison and can be deadly to ingest. After it has ripened thoroughly it is a delicious and healthy snack. That is only the yellow flesh, not the poisonous black seeds around it!


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